Crowthorne have been members of the Good Garage scheme for many years, with excellent 5 star rating. Providing you with peace of mind that we are a garage you can trust.

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

We offer a wide range of auto electrical services including supply and installations. Our Service Centre is equipped with the latest up to date diagnostic equipment. If your vehicle is displaying engine management, airbag, ABS, Steering , transmission fault lights or any other electrical fault our friendly team will be able to rectify the issue and get your vehicle back running as the manufacture intended in no time at all.

We also offer installation for third part electrical equipment including hands free kits for mobile phones, parking sensors, immobilisers, audio, navigation, xenon lights and much more.


MOT & Servicing

At work not a problem. We offer a free delivery and collection service by one of our fully insured professional drivers.

Our MOT & Service centre has a focus on customer satisfaction. That is why if your vehicle fails its  MOT we will re-test it for FREE! We pass as many vehicles as we can and always keep you informed about the progress of the work being carried out on your vehicle. We promise to carry out work on your behalf to the highest possible industry standards using parts that are approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer and to provide a personal and professional service at all times.
Free Collection…
If you have your car serviced and MOT’d at the same time and are within a 5 mile radius to our service centre , we can collect your vehicle from either your home or place of work.

Free Fuel Additive…
After we have completed your service, we will also provide a free additive to help reduce CO and HC exhaust emissions and improve engine performance.

Free Delivery…
We can also return your vehicle back to you after all the work is complete at a time to suit you.

Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

We have put together a comprehensive vehicle check. We check over your vehicle using our comprehensive 45 point system. You receive a detailed report with a quotation for any remedial works your vehicle may require. [/span]


Engine Treatments Berkshire


Preventative car and vehicle maintenance is just as important to us at Crowthorne Service Centre as it to our customers. We stock and utilise a range of BG products that offer our customers improved fuel economy and engine performance whist helping with to keep everything running smooth in the engine to prevent future engine issues.

How to these fuel and Engine Treatments Improve Performance.

Carbon is something that will naturally build up within our car and vehicle engines over time. The amount and rate that this happens has a lot to do with the varying qualities of fuel that is provided to us at the pump. Unfortunately this can lead to problems with fuel efficiency and increased emissions.

Did you know even the smallest amounts of carbon present on any of the internal parts. For example if a little carbon build on the intake valves, fuel injectors or the combustion chamber it can have an adverse effect on engine performance. Crothrones range of engine helping products from BG are specially designed and created to clean, lubricate and protect your engine and fuel systems. In conjunction with a regular service and oil change our products can help prevent the build up of unwanted deposits.

We have split the range into three performance packages that are available for both petrol and diesel engines.

BG Products available at Crowthorne Service Centre

Basic treatment – Fuel System Cleaner

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles


BG44K and BG244 are the ultimate tank-treatment fuel additives. BG44K restores fuel delivery performance in petrol engines while BG244 is an equivalent product specially formulated for diesel engines. Both contain high quality detergents and additives that are poured directly into the fuel tank to restore performance and MPG, eradicating deposits in combustion chambers and restoring flow in fuel injectors. Basically, cleaning the entire fuel system! Fuel System Cleaner can be purchased online with any tyre fitting, MOT or Service booking.

Intermediate treatment – Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Cleaner

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles


Our intermediate engine performance package combines our basic fuel system cleaner package with an engine performance restoration treatment (EPR). Heavy carbon deposits can impede the function of your piston rings which in turn leads to reduced fuel economy and increased oil consumption. EPR softens and dissolves engine oil deposits helping to deliver peak power and fuel efficiency. EPR can be used in both petrol and diesel engines and can be ordered when booking a service – we’ll add engine cleaner while carrying out your oil change

Complete treatment – Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Cleaner & Oil Supplement

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Petrol Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles

For Diesel Cars & Vehicles


Our best value engine performance package. This package combines everything included in our basic and intermediate packages and adds an oil supplement to replenish and fortify critical oil additives, reducing wear on engine parts and increasing engine power and performance. BGMOA engine oil supplement is specially formulated for petrol engines while BGDOC oil conditioner provides the same benefits for diesel engines. Order our complete package combining fuel system cleaner, engine cleaner and oil supplement when you book your next car service online for best results including improved engine performance and fuel efficiency. You’ll also benefit from the BG Protection Plan when you purchase the complete package.

Air-Conditioning at Crowthorne Service Centre

It is important to maintain your car’s air conditioning system all year round.

If your car’s hot and bothered in summer and misted up in winter, it’s time to book an air conditioning service Crowthorne Service Centre It is recommended by most manufacturers to be carried out every two years.

As well as keeping you cooler in hot weather, a fully recharged system will reduce your fuel consumption by putting less strain on the engine.

Our extensive service includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of lubricating oil, plus a comprehensive system components check.

Pricing Table

Please find below our basic pricing table. For tailored individual requests please contact the centre and speak to one of the team.
Service Vehicle Price From
Mots £ 54.85
Service From £90 +vat
Diagnostics Check £35 +vat
Fuel Additives From £12 +vat

Free Level Checks on all vehicles &amp every services includes our 45 point vehicle check.